Get Involved

If you feel inspired to pitch in and help Anderson County battle poverty, we commend you and welcome you on board!

Our mission is to help the residents of Anderson County become self sufficient and aid them through crisis periods in their lives so that they can one day be in a position to support themselves and even help others.  In addition, we want to help people at all socioeconomic levels become involved and have a voice in policy decision making in Anderson County.

Reach out via email or call (865) 253-6767 to learn if there is a current fundraising event in the works that you can pitch in and be involved with, which will surely help ensuring that it is a success for our mission!  If you are in a position to donate and are ready to do so, we thank you very much and you will promptly receive a thank you note and a receipt for tax deduction purposes in the mail.

  • If you are interested in volunteering your time and skills, use the email or phone number above to reach out and discuss what possibilities there are at this time.

  • Like us on our social media channels! Share our content regularly with your own network. We want more people to know about us and our mission!
  • Donate food, clothing or household goods to 149 N Main St in Clinton!
  • Mention our name when dropping off large items such as furniture and household appliances at KARM, so that the proceeds will benefit us!
  • If you have a high-value item and would prefer not to donate it (which would help only one person in need) and would rather sell it (so that the proceeds could help many) you may do so yourself and use the charity auction function on ebay (call if you run into questions), or you may drop it off with the instructions to auction, and we will take care of the hassle of listing it and shipping it out.