Donate to Anderson County Community Action

Fighting the War on Poverty since 1965 takes decades of stamina, commitment, and elbow grease.  We have always been one of the smallest Community Action Agencies in the state, yet we have staff that has spent their entire adult lives passionate about the mission of helping the needy in Anderson County.  The agency has faced several rough years and struggled to keep our doors open through it all, but 2020 actually marks an exciting turning point with most of our issues solved, and we have the potential to help distribute CARES money throughout the community!  We just can’t do it alone.  Please help us out, so that we can maximize our potential to help aid the 1 in 3 Tennesseans who live in this rural county who fall within 200% of the federal poverty line.  We are passionate about our mission—> we surely don’t do it for the money (ACCAC staff earns less than a living wage and our angel board members are unpaid!), so we really appreciate local businesses and individuals with a generous spirit who help us along with our goals.  THANK YOU oh so much for each dollar or in-kind contribution you can spare.